On The Journals of Lado Perapeckthe Kipster says, “My brain says, ‘It’s as if Moebius were the fourth Hernandez Bro.,’ but we all know better than to listen to my brain.” Yay! My first review!

On whether The Journals can be seen by anyone other than Nick – so far there don’t seem to be any problems. Sorry Nick. You’ll be getting a package in the mail soon as compensation. Or something. Comics by me. Yay! Comics by me before I knew how to draw. Oh well.

On the Mystery Person – I’ve got an email from MP that either requires an essay as a response or a short smartass quip. The final post will probably be a little of both but at the moment I don’t have the here to there thought processes available to do more than provide the smartass part of the writing. So I’m holding off.

On Oz Squad – I’m progressing nicely with the artwork though at the moment we’re just talking about the first three pages. Chris Reilly’s computer experienced an existential crisis and thought not so he needs to reconstruct the next few pages.

On Aged Mother – still twitching. Skook doesn’t understand why I haven’t left her for the grizzlies. We’ve gotten used to ignoring these cultural gulfs.

On Skook – I mostly just see him in passing, a big shadow going by at sunrise or sunset.

On Nizzibet – No longer so new essay up. She’s actually got a newer one submitted but apparently Tuppenceworth isn’t ready to post it yet.

On The Four Feathers, the recent film version starring Heath Ledger – We watched it on video last night. We got it in a recent score of clearance videos. It’s entertaining. At the moment I’m not caring whether the movies I see are historically accurate. And not having read the book I can’t say how close the adaptation is. The biggest problem (for me) is that the friends that Harry goes to save are so darned nondescript. The last one, in the hideous prison, I couldn’t remember what he looked like before the wild hair and beard. I’m glad Harry knew who he was looking for, I’d have missed him.

On Weddings – Got two sets of friends getting married this summer. One on Memorial Day weekend. The other in September. Both in California. Not sure how we’ll manage that. There’s both the cost of travel and the need to find someone to look after AM.

On Today – We should have someone coming in look after Aged Mother for a few hours. Nizzibet and I will run away, perhaps to a movie, perhaps to a cafe, perhaps simply to drive and drive.