Passin’ Thru

This evening the Bombshell will bring Scary home. Scary is a cat Nizzibet found licking catsup off woodchips in a park in Lynnwood. Scary had been declawed and was skinny enough to have been on her own for a while. Nizzibet brought the cat back to our apartment in Lynnwood – an apartment that already had a couple of cats lurking in it. No surprise that Scary didn’t get along with Paliki or Chainsaw.

Scary earned her name for the hideous yowl she made anytime one of the other cats got close to her. Having no claws her best defense was to make as evil a sound as possible and scare off any possible attackers. Sometimes it worked.

When we moved into our current digs the cats spread out and took separate territories, only occasionally squabbling. Scary spent a lot of time sleeping in the Bombshell’s room. And when the Bombshell moved out Scary went with her.

Sometime in the last few weeks Scary developed a painful disease. I don’t remember the details. I’m horrible at details these days. Suffice to say that whatever it is, it’s made the cat’s life too miserable to continue.

So tonight I help my friend dig a grave out back. Shitty way to end the day.