Recently Watched, Now Briefly Reviewed

Darkness Falls: Relies primarily on jump scares. The biggest thing missing for me was any sort of mystery. I like a little mystery in my horror stories. The movie starts with a prologue telling us what our monster is and what she does and that she’s been doing it for 150 years. Automatically we know everything we need to about the threat and it’s annoying that it takes our heroes so long to catch up. It was also pretty clear what was to be the fate of every other character that our heroes interacted with.

The Core: Fairly fun if somewhat implausible movie. (It’s not the main idea that I find implausible – it’s those moments when the characters have to do anything outside the protection of their ship. Their protective suits don’t seem even half adequate.) I can’t comment on the science behind the story. It sounds right from what little I know. An interview with one of screenwriters indicates that he was really trying to be accurate. Interesting to note a line change between the preview we’d been seeing on other videos and the line that plays in the movie. In the previews the supernerd is asking for unlimited Star Trek tapes. In the movie he asks for unlimited Xena tapes.