Oz Link for 4/30/04

The Twisted Land of Oz or MacFarlane’s Magic Torture Show. (With bonus winged monkeys and Munchkin!

Just because I link to it doesn’t me I’m endorsing it. I don’t care for these plastic bits. The website is certainly slick. A lot of craftsmanship has gone into making them but they’re just … icky. And what’s the point of this perversity?

From the Armchair Empire review

“If this was Hell, Dorothy would be its queen… and she would rule the kingdom.”


“Her secret was out; the bondage freed her in ways she simply hadn’t imagined.”


But it does finally explain why the characters are sculpted they way they are.  I grappled with the idea of spoiling the ending of the story in this review.  Do I?  Don’t I?  Yes, I will as the Wizard may be the least sought figure therefore the answers will never be known by casual action figure fans.  So, here we are with the quick explanations: in a past life the Lion was a Crusader that turned tail and left his buddies in a lurch, the Tin Woodman was “in a previous existence… a sickly doctor who removed the limbs of healthy patients with an ax,” the Scarecrow was an Inquisitor who performed “unique” craniotomies, Dorothy was secretly into bondage, and Toto?  Toto wasn’t guilty of anything, he was simply “corrupted” by that fresh OZ air.  And the Wizard?  If you can’t tell, he’s the devil.

The Empire also has reviews of some of the other figures.

And then I found these nifty upgrades over at Slap Happy North’s Big Honkin’ Custom Page of Fun. These I’d like to own.

What’s the difference between the originals and the rebuilds? The originals are mass market bad taste. The rebuilds are personalized bad taste. Somehow that makes it all right.