Calling Aged Mother…?

I got a call at work. Aged Mother is expecting a package from Esteemed Brother. She has found the lid to the box she received from him last week. Since she is expecting a package this lid must be from that package. A.M. has been bugging Nizzibet wanting to know where her package is. Nizzibet wants me to explain things to A.M.

Ever tried talking to your cat?

This was a similar experience, only this cat speaks English. A.M. insists that somehow the mailman delivered this package while she was sleeping. I ask her what the date on the package is and she reads me the return address. And the mailing address. I thank her and ask her for the date on the package. She starts to read the mailing address again. Sigh. I tell her that I’ll talk to her about it when I get home. I promise her that we’re not hiding her package. She says she knows that but it came so it must be here. I tell her that no package has come. She tells me that I’m lying.

I finally had to hang up because a client called and I am at work. Putting A.M on hold would have just confused her. More. I called back a few minutes later and Nizzibet tells me that A.M is wandering around the house looking for her package.