Unkindness of Ravens

Stalked by ravens on the way home from work yesterday. Twice.

Stalked again on the way to work this morning. Three times.

I can’t tell if it’s the same ravens each time or if there’s some sort of raven meme going around that’s having random gangs of ravens decide to dive bomb me.

Yesterday it was annoying. This morning I decided to roll with it and play. The ravens announce their intentions with loud squawks so it’s not like they’re trying to disguise what they’re doing. A dive bombing bird is not a silent bird. Gives me plenty of time to duck.

After the second bunch started in this morning I picked up pinecones. The chance of me hitting a raven is next to nil. But ravens (at least these ravens) know what small objects in human hands mean. With most of the birds, all I needed to do to have them keep their distance was show them the cone in my hand. Usually they’d put distance between me and themselves. A couple of them required me to throw the cones in order to get the message.