That Wishlist at

So I’ve been compiling a wishlist at It’s currently got 21 pages listing 507 items. I’m not sure where I’d put it if I got everything on the list. Not that I expect to get much of it. Any of it really. It’s not there as a guide for other people so much as it’s a way for me to possess things that I don’t have the finances to buy (much less the space to store them once I bought them.) Virtual materialism. Who lusts after the most interesting stuff? Y’know?

I encouraged Nizzibet to start a list of her own after she mentioned that there were things she wished she got as presents that I had no idea she wanted. I’m a lousy mindreader. I manage to give her presents she likes because I have a good memory. But it’s only a good memory around things I’m interested in. A desire for histories of Cuba I can remember. A desire for certain types of gemstones? Nah.

(She’s not actually interested in Giant Geese of Doom. That was meant for my list. I oopsed and have been too lazy to fix it. Still too lazy. Probably could have fixed it in the time it’s taken to write this paragraph.)

Anyway, I’ll be nattering on about various items and groups of items on my wishlist for a few post and thought I should warn y’all.