Yeti Beer

It’s about three am. I’m awake. Not, I’m awake because I haven’t been to bed yet. I’m awake after having woken up at about 1 o’clock and, so far, being unable to go back to sleep.

Very odd. I’m not someone who has trouble with sleep. I fall asleep easily. I wake up (more or less) easily (though with much caffeine these days). I sleep until the alarm gets me up. If I wake up in the night I usually just need to use the toilet. Once I’m back in bed and cuddled around the snoring delight that is my Nizzibet I’m on my way back to slumberland.

So tonight is an aberration.

I spent almost an hour surfing the net, hoping that that would put me down. Nope.

I figured that I would take extreme measures and have a beer. Beer generally makes me sleepy. I’d bought a Yeti Ale the last time Nizzie sent me to get her beer. I’ve looked. Google didn’t turn up any sight. It’s a fairly strong beer/ale that I wouldn’t mind drinking once in while. Better than the Sasquatch stout I had a few years back. The Yeti is from a French brewery, however, and I’ve only seen it at Larry’s so I probably won’t be drinking it often.

It only accomplished part of its mission unfortunately. I’m drowsier. Not enough to sleep. Time for a Newcastle.