Just Tattoo Pervert On My Forehead

I was going to natter on about my Amazon wishlist wasn’t I?

I’m sure I’ll get to specific items sooner or later. Today I’ll just fuss over the inadequacy of Amazon’s recommend system. Specifically the excess of recommended books of erotica. Yes, a lot of the books on my wish list features art and photography of naked women. There’s not the variety I’d like but that’s mainly because erotica tends to have a mainstream and the mainstream is always easier to find than the backwaters.

What’s fun is watching what recommends are added based on my own additions to wishlist. I added Coming of Age to the list and suddenly I start getting suggestions for English school boy porn. Thanks, I guess. A little odd though. Why these books now? I’ve got Sally Mann and Jock Sturges on the list but I’m not being recommended Lolita (either as a novel or a film).

Not that I’m terribly interested in any version of Lolita. I know it’s a classic and all but I just don’t get into the whole March/December lust-ups. I thought it was kinda creepy even between Buffy and Angel/Spike. Teenagers are like kittens – pretty, maybe a little cuddly but definitely creatures of another species and not for mating.

Why am I not recommended the latest dinosaur books? Sasquatch? Obscure horror novels? Most of what is suggested are DVDs, CDs and art books.