A Quick Hello

It’s not that there’s nothing to say it’s that I’m having a hard time saying it. There’s this inertia that’s got me in a grip and I just can’t be bothered to push out of it. I’m not complaining. I know that sooner or later I’ll make the effort and be way too busy again. I’m not depressed. I’m not tired. I don’t think I’m resting either.

I’ve got a new gallery at Kaijuphile.com. It’s not as fancy as my Epilogue gallery but, given that I just wanted a place to post giant monster illustrations, it works for me.

Nizzibet got word that her DamnedFather and EvilStepMonster have shuffled off this mortal coil. DamnedFather had Lou Gehrig’s Disease topped off with pneumonia back in 1998. EvilStepMonster got whacked by breast cancer this July. We got the news in bits and pieces from Friday to Monday as Nizz played back and forth telephone with a lawyer in Dallas. The only reason we heard at all is due to the vagaries of Texas law. ESM’s will had left all her property to relatives. Her relatives. She and DF had join ownership of a house. DF died without a will. Apparently, in Texas, spouses don’t get automatic ownership of their deceased partners property. ESM’s will didn’t cover DF’s half of the house. DF’s heirs needed to be located before ESM’s heirs could get their share of the house. A lawyer had to track down Nizzibet and her brothers.

It’s a windfall. We’re not expecting much. Not knowing where in Dallas the house is located we can’t guess on its worth. Once it’s sold the money will be split in half and then in thirds. Useful but probably not luxuriously so. The biggest prize here is that Nizzibet gets a little completion on her childhood. Right now her body is dealing with it by having a bad case of the flu.

We’ll be busy eating this weekend. The GamingPoet will be here for dinner tomorrow, we go to BigSister’s on Friday and JayDogg, TwoM, ShrinkingR and LittleM will be here on Saturday.