Thursday Morning Links

Lovesettlement has put up a new poem (11/24/04 entry) to be revised. Very charming and just a little creepy – so of course I find it delightful. I tend to like his narrative poems the best. I’m sure that’s because I get them more quickly than a sound or a mood poem. They don’t require that I think. I’ve no objection to think, y’understand, I like thinking. Thinking just isn’t automatic. (And here’s the dare – how many times do you think during the day. By “think” I mean do more than make a choice between A, B and C. I mean – take in a new concept; really look at the world from someone else’s point of view (which usually means asking questions) or examine an issue (concept, story, theory, poem) with new perspective/information (which also usually requires asking questions).

Leif Jones has a website. And it looks cool. Bastard.