It’s All In How You Look At It.

There are bad movies and there are bad movies. How bad you think a movie is depends on your expectations for the movie. This weekend I’ve watched The Truth About Cats and Dogs and Shatter Dead.

Cats and Dogs – Honestly, I don’t expect much from comedies. Too often “comedy” springs out of stupid people doing stupid things. I tend to avoid comedies for just that reason. I get enough of stupid people in real life (being one of them) that I’d rather avoid them in my entertainment. Fortunately, The Truth About Cats and Dogs is about smart people acting stupidly. And regular, not so smart, people acting on their feelings. In other words, the people in the movie act like real people. It’s now one of my five favorite “romantic comedies”.

(I’m guessing on five favorites. I’m more a fan of monster movies than of romantic comedies. Do Grosse Point Blank or Bed of Roses count as Romantic Comedies? One concerns the redemption of a conscienceless hit man, the other is occasionally amusing rather than funny.)


The Truth About Cats and Dogs. Funny movie about smart people acting stupidly.

Shatter Dead. Movie made by smart people with no budget and a little too much ego. In other words – it would have been better if they’d known what they were doing but if they’d known that they probably never would have released the video. Entertaining if you can suspend your disbelief (and the expectations you’re likely to have in a movie with more than a $1.98 budget).

Unfortunately I can’t find the review that originally sparked my interest in this film. I’m pretty sure it came from one of the the B-Masters but I don’t know which one.