Are All Rich People Evil Scum Who Should Have Their Limbs Broken and Their Tongues Torn Out Before Being Tossed in The Desert To Die?

No. Of course not. That would be silly.

However, it’s a bad idea to put wolves in charge of sheep and to ask someone who only rides in limosines whether the subway is in good shape.

In other words, if the Administration says that Social Security is in trouble, you might want to consider that they are lying. Lying. Lying.

Because they are.

And if you don’t believe me, start doing some research.

6 thoughts on “Are All Rich People Evil Scum Who Should Have Their Limbs Broken and Their Tongues Torn Out Before Being Tossed in The Desert To Die?

  1. I would have them all gangraped tortured and shot. Not out of personal hatred but to create a strict social sanction against their greed and arrogance. After the rich realize that their children corpses will be raped and fed to pigs at a hog farm or two, then maybe they will realize they stepped a little too far–that they took too much out of the cookie jar.

  2. Call me old fashioned but I don’t see any reason to torture children for the sins of their parents. I don’t actually even hate all rich people. Some of them got rich by creating something useful. Some of them got rich by capitalizing on their talents. Some of them use their wealth to improve the world.

  3. If you don't do it to their children their children will grow up to rob and oppress your children. In order to end an aristocrat's power you have to wipe out his whole family. This isn't expressed out of meanness but out of an understanding that you have to wipe out your enemies before they wipe you out. Rich people are the enemy. You either have power or you do not. Ideologies are for poor people. Rich people never create anything. Our morals and laws only get in the way of us seeing the truth that everything in human society is onesided and weighted towards the wealthiest. There is no good reason not to kill them all. All capitalists should be gangraped, tortured and shot. This would create social sanction against their sort of greed, a social sanction based on abject fear and terror, which is what all law and order is based on ultimately. Democracy is a word for hypocrites.

  4. Historically getting rid of one set of oppressors doesn't seem to get rid of all oppressors. Usually the ones who tossed out the first set become their replacements. Capitalism is useful but there should be strong regulations. Laissez-faire capitalism, like true communism, has never existed. Some one, some group games the system and sets it up to their advantage. I'm for a regulated capitalist economy backed by a democratic socialist government. I also think people should be kind and generous to each other. Heh.

  5. Life is struggle. Sadly, the fellows who own the world will do the same thing to us. They maintain multiple wars so they can regularly do those things to people while expanding their power. I advocate doing to the rich what they would do to us, only doing it to them first, so they never do it to us again. If anyone rises to take their place, we can kill them too. What will you do when they come to take you away? Wave the constitution in their faces and spout a lot of nice rhetoric about "rights" and "democracy". The rich understand fear. They must be made to fear. It is because they do not fear us that they do whatever they want. Nothing makes a rich pig afraid like the idea that a large group of dangerous sociopaths intend to brutally torture and butcher them and all their pawn. Since the human race has no future, the best course is take revenge against those responsible.

    An eye for an eye? For one of our eyes-two of theirs.

  6. Rache! Rache! Arbeiter zu den waffen!

    Kill the rich!

    Rape their corpses and eat their eyes!

    Revenge! Workers to arms!

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