Packing Up, Moving Out

Sometime in the next few months Nizzibet and I will be moving out of this house. The exact timeline isn’t, well, exact. PassedAwayMother’s house still needs to be sold. Another residence needs to be purchased.

Right now my concentration is on packing up or getting rid of stuff. When we moved back here from Portland four years ago we moved 168 boxes of books and videos. Give or take. We have, of course, acquired more books and videos since then. I did a purge of videos last summer. That made a small impact.

The plan right now is to pack up all the books I want to keep. Pack up all the books I know the Nizz wants to keep. I’m pulling out any duplicates I find as I go along. Maybe we can get a little in trade at one of the used book stores. I’m recycling computer books written before the millenium.

Besides the books, we’ve got a lot of furniture that needs to go away. J-Dogg will take some of it. He and TwoM are moving into a house next month. I don’t imagine he’s going to take much unfortunately. Wherever we move it’s likely to be pretty small. We’re not likely to put the effort into a yard sale. It’s not a lot of fun and we’re too likely to get rained on.

I’m going to offer a few items through Freecycle. See how much of a hassle it is. Giving away stuff can be fun.