Currently doing illustrations for –

Finnegan’s Brink – a graphic novel written by Sarah Byam. I’ll be doing that for the next couple of years.

The Black Seal #4. This is the Viet Nam issue. I’m illustrating an article on the Tcho-tcho and a short comic written by Nick Brownlow.

Miskatonic U Monographs – a few illustrations for one, more and larger illustrations for another.

Oz Squad – can’t say anything more specific at the moment.

The Sasquatch Chronicles – a huge overview of the sasquatch phenomenon written and edited by Christopher L. Murphy. I’m one of many illustrators working on this. Got to use illustrations since the darn critter is so camera shy.

Wild Nights in Oz – slowly, progress will be made.

I expect that I’ll do the occasional one off illustration for my own amusement (or that rare creature – money) but I’m not planning on taking any new projects beyond these for a while.