Your Oz Link for 3/29/05

Oz, the Manga.

Looks pretty. No prose or dialogue in the preview so I can’t tell how faithful David Hutchinson, the adapter, intends to be.

OzF5 – that’s Oz Force 5. I think.

The art is nice. Can’t say that that the premise looks very original.

Dorothy of Oz

I think I posted a link to this site (or at least a site previewing this comic) many months ago but today is a new Oz comics day so … there.

2 thoughts on “Your Oz Link for 3/29/05

  1. I rather like the Manga. I haven’t kept up with the latest in Oz stuff, I see.

  2. Neither the manga nor OzF5 are in stores yet. I’m sure your local comic store would stock these. You live near one of the best in the country.

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