Adding to the History

I’ve updated the My Life in Comics essay over at my Sentient 39 site. Corrected some spelling and punctuation. Added scans of the covers for Dangerman and some of my minicomics. (Thank you Jane for the copies. Did you want them back? I do have copies in storage.)

The “missing image” spots are on purpose. I’ve still got a minicomic or two to scan. I am without the other minis at the moment though. I’m debating whether to leave those broken links in place in order to nag myself or whether I should take them down until I actually have the rest of the issues available.

I should also be updating some of the other pages at Sentient 39 in the next few days. No new Lado Perapek I’m afraid. Sorry. I’ll make note of the updates as I post them.

4 thoughts on “Adding to the History

  1. Chris? Owner of Perelandra?

    Do you mean “Brian Christ” (last name rhymes with pissed), or as we knew him before we had a named to attach, “The Bearded Guy”?

    I remember a blond man who was Brian’s partner, who then took over Perelandra for awhile but that was several years along. I don’t remember his name.

    OK. Now. Gotta get back to the biographical essay.

  2. edits: That would be “before we had a name to attach” and “Brian’s business partner” (as one must make such distinctions).

  3. Yup. That would be Brian. I’ll have to change that.

    I don’t remember Brian’s partner’s name either. At least not right now. There’s something fuzzy in my mind that says the name is there if I just let it find its way out.

    I found him in San Rafael in another comic shop years after Perelandra shut down. I asked him how things were going. He said not so good. I complimented him on having his shop still being around. He said WW2 lasted a long time too.

  4. name of the proprietor of Perelandra was Brian Howard Crist. The "blond fellow" mentioned above was a co-owner named Steven Manly Mills.

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