Oz Links for 3/30/05

There’s No Place – another one of those grim Oz stories, this one with a rhyming psycho Scarecrow. I’d probably buy the series if I ran across it at a con (because if I could afford to go to a con I could afford to buy stuff, especially stuff that puts its hooks in my completist collector mentality) but I just can’t see myself making the effort to order it.

Oz/Wonderland Chronicles

Says the promo copy – “Oz/Wonderland Chronicles takes Dorothy and Alice (now college students) on an adventure, back into the realms of their childhood. Even though Dorothy spent time in Oz, she has forgotten about it. Alice attributes hers to daydreaming, or childhood dreams. But what neither of them realizes is that Oz and Wonderland, and the creatures that inhabit those lands, are real. The Oz/Wonderland Chronicles is set in modern day Chicago, it will be a blend of the 3 worlds as Dorothy and Alice set out to find the cause of the disruption. Somehow, creatures from OZ and Wonderland are finding there way into downtown Chicago.”

Um. Blah.