Herding Geese

Nizzibet has taken to herding geese. Most mornings we drive down to Golden Gardens, park, eat some sort of breakfast and stare at Puget Sound. The parking lot and lawns have a small flock of Canadian geese wandering on them. After breakfast, if it’s not raining, Nizz picks a goose, usually one of the males, and chases it. It’s not much of a chase. Nizz can’t really run. Neither can the goose. If it were a seagull it would just fly away as soon as it started getting annoyed. Geese would rather walk away from trouble if they can. So Nizz walks a couple of feet behind the goose. The goose walks away, swaying back and forth and twisting its neck to keep Nizz in sight. A very slow ambling sort of chase ensues.

Nizz usually ends up boxing the goose up to the edge of the sidewalk where the land turns to rocks falling down to the Sound. They poke along, back and forth for a time before she decides to let him slip past. Once he gets back to his mate he puts on show of honks and hisses and neck bobs. Victory over the human!

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