I Code HTML Like Sid Vicious Played Bass

Okay, maybe without the heroin drag. But basically I know a few simple codes and I find myself typing them over and over. And then correcting the darned things when they don’t work. Unless I’m working with a template my webpages all look very plain. Plain is good because plain isn’t as ugly as complicated bad design. I’m not a good designer. Not a horrible one, just not a particularly good one. What little design sense I have comes from hanging out with people who are good designers.

All of which means nothing other than I spent the morning working on the Oz Comics page and then didn’t post it before I had to go to work. It’s still a sloppy mess. Better (at least wordier) than what’s up now but so what? You can’t see it.

Blah blah. Happy Tuesday.

One thought on “I Code HTML Like Sid Vicious Played Bass

  1. Hah! you should see how things work in the industry. we have a CMS that codes like Sid Vicious played the hanging bamboo xylophone.

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