Updated the Oz Comics page again this morning. Wow that’s ugly. And it will only get uglier before it gets better. I’ll be able to do a little yuck factor adjustment once all the images and text is in place but it will still be an ugly child. Poor thing. Maybe, someday, if I go to finishing school I can pass on some refinement.

I think I’ve found all the Oz comics I’m going to find on the net. I suspect that Classics Illustrated did a Wizard adaptation. I’ll have to look. I’m going to contact some of Oz fansites and see if anyone knows about any, more obscure comics.

I spend time at the computer in mornings – coding, scanning, photoshopping, writing. This as the caffeine shifts me to what I consider more or less normal for now. Artwork gets done in the evenings and weekends after chores. When the caffeine is wearing out. Fortunately, once I’m on an art roll, I usually perk up. Sort of. The challenge is getting the energy to get out the drawings and make myself start working.

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