Another Victim of Bigfoot

Bigfoot has been videotaped. Maybe. The gentleman who did the videotaping has sent the tape (digital video apparently) to be enhanced so it can be determined whether or not he’s really got a bigfoot there.

I sort of feel sorry for the guy. I doubt he had a clue what he was getting into when he let the world know what he thought he’d taped. And no matter how clear the critter was to his eyes unless his tape shows something clearer than the Patterson film he doesn’t have much. Even if it’s as clear as the Patterson film he still doesn’t have much. Contrary to popular belief Roger Patterson didn’t get rich off that film.

And without a big ol’ stinky sasquatch corpse the general belief in bigfoot’s existence will stay the same. Never mind that’s there’s more evidence for bigfoot than there was for WMD in Iraq. I’m not saying that there really is a North American Ape. I don’t know. I haven’t seen him and the closest I get to the woods these days is looking at the Olympics from Golden Gardens.

3 thoughts on “Another Victim of Bigfoot

  1. Nah. Seattlites are doing a fine job of destroying their infrastructure without any outside assistance. But thanks for the thought! Go Freedom!

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