On the Drawing Board

Actually on the Dining Room Table – I gave JDogg my drawing board when he moved out –

In sketch form – the Gump

Waiting to be inked – a couple of Hammerheads, Glinda, T.M. Wogglebug, the Glass Cat and the last of the Tcho-tcho illustrations. (The Tcho-tchos are for The Black Seal not Oz Squad.)

Waiting for shading and photoshopping – the Sawhorse

Waiting to be redrawn – Trot (Nothing wrong with the drawing. It’s … dull. Trot is a livelier person.)

I’ve bowed out of doing illustrations for the Sasquatch Chronicles. I was already running late and with needing to pack up, paint and move I just saw myself getting later.

I also have quite a few kaiju waiting to get worked on but I don’t see myself getting back to those for a few weeks. Or more.