Tanks and Knitting Needles

Today I will be using Google to locate and print out images of Panzer tanks and knitting needles. For drawing reference. I checked around yesterday morning for tank images and discovered that there are quite a few to chose from, many of them images of tank models rather than actual images of actual tanks. Not that that’s a problem. I’m drawing a retrofitted Panzer. Now I’ve got to print out a bunch of them so they are available for handy checkbacks. I’m pretty sure I know what knitting needles look like but it never hurts to check.

Work on the Who’s Who pages has had to be set aside to get some other work done. I will mention it whenever I post another entry.

I’m feeling healthier this morning. Not great. I’ll still probably hit the sack early tonight. And therefore not get much drawn. I’m bringing my sketchbook to work in case things are slow enough for me to play. I’ve got a number of characters that I need to get down before I start needing to include them in actual comic pages.