Still. Sick.

I’d probably feel worse but, instead of getting upset about it and therefore cranky, I’ve pretty much rolled with it. That means not trying to do things that I’m going to screw up or get too frustrated about. It also means I’m not getting as much done as I’d like. That is annoying. I never include a “getting sick” contingency in my plans.

2 thoughts on “Still. Sick.

  1. Yeah, getting upset about it doesn’t seem to get one well faster. Can’t help it sometimes, o’course. Especially if one’s set up a tight schedule. Or, sometimes worse, if the sickness eats up looked-forward-to time off. Then, much grumbling. Work. Being ill is work. As Bush would say, “It’s hard. You don’t understand. This is hard work!”

  2. Though the cold medicine does add a nice fuzz to things. Not so good for balance.

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