A Child is an Effective Exercise Device

Still sick but now it’s the sort of sick I can effectively ignore until it goes away.

Saturday –
Nizzibet and I went for coffee. It’s a Saturday morning ritual. We either go out to breakfast or go to coffee. It all depends on our finances and what else we’ve got going.

Nizz had a business meeting. While she was gone I moved the weight bench and weight set upstairs. I could have disassembled the thing but I wanted to see if I could get the bench upstairs without doing that as a challenge to my ingenuity and a generally machoness. It’s now sitting in JayDogg’s old room.

Did some scanning. Did some inking. Nizz got back and we went to JayDogg and TwoM’s. LittleM had a play date next door so we didn’t see here for a while. When she got back she wasn’t interested in hanging out with the adults. She’d had kids to hang with and we definitely rated second best. After awhile she got bored and decided we were okay. While Nizz and TwoM watched Elf I spent some time throwing and spinning Little M all over her room. She’s fairly light. The biggest thing to pay attention to is how long she is. I had avoid thumping her into things. When I finally wore out we settled down to a game of Dinosaur Checkers.

All was interrupted by dinner. Lasagne. Yum.