Another Addition

The Hammerheads entry should have the image working today. I’ve also added an entry for Cap’n Bill. That one has link for Trot but it doesn’t go anywhere yet. The illustration for the Trot entry needs to be inked, shaded and photoshopped.

No drive to do anything last night. Got home. Made Nizzibet the avocado and turkey sandwich that I’d promised and heated up leftovers for myself. We traded news about our days and then, because I wasn’t in to doing anything productive and she didn’t have the energy, we watched The Magnificent Seven. Yul Brunner’s character is a Cajun. Apparently that’s a handy excuse when actor’s have odd accents and their character is still supposed to be “American”. A little silly given how many immigrants were running around the Wild West at the time. Silly also considering how many of those Mexican peasants in the movie didn’t have Mexican accents. Fun movie.

2 thoughts on “Another Addition

  1. The Who’s Who is looking good man. Enjoying the taste of what’s to come in the Oz Squad book. I can’t wait to see your entries on the rest of the Squad, Ticktock and Rebecca the Eastwitch.

  2. Glad you’re enjoying it! Fair warning – I don’t want to spoil any surprises so I’m steering away from certain characters (or biographical details) until after Oz Squad starts publication again.

    Dorothy, Nick and the Lion have entries sketched out that I hope to have up by the end of the month. Tiktok and Rebecca are further down the line. Eventually I want to get to all the significant Oz characters as well as a good helping of characters from other fictions that cross over with this series.

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