The Cat Has Made Her Morning Appearance

I’ll be checking in on Nizzibet shortly to see if she’s ready to go have coffee. I’m nursing one of her Diet Dr. Pepper’s right now to get my caffeine level up to a tolerable level. I don’t really like diet anything but, unless I feel like making coffee right now myself, it’s the most convenient source of caffeine.

Paliki has been in and out. We don’t see her much these days. She meows to come in first thing in the morning when she hears us moving about. She eats and then meows to go back out. That performance gets repeated in the evenings. Sometimes then she’ll spend an hour on the front porch meowing about something. The front door is often open while she does this. Why doesn’t she come in? I’ve asked her this many times and I’ve yet to get an answer that makes sense. During the day she seems to sleep in the tall grass outside our bedroom window.

2 thoughts on “The Cat Has Made Her Morning Appearance

  1. Is Paliki the cat who used to live behind the mattress in the house I only visited once in California? I am not giving you much information…is Paliki the cat who no one could touch or love and yet you still did both?


  2. Possibly. I had a few more cats then. Many of them feral. I think Capone is probably the cat you’re referring to. He was a tom that I’d been feeding. I also had Kit and Kat, a pair of sister cats who would let me pet them only when they ate. Chainsaw, Paliki and the Kitten were my domesticated cats. Of that three Paliki was the least sociable.

    She is a short haired black cat. My last cat. During the winter she lives indoors and sleeps on shelves in the basement. Every once in a while she decides she likes our company and sleeps in our bedroom. During the summer she likes to stay outside though she usually accepts our company better than she’s currently doing.

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