Deadlines, Deadlines

Now I’ve got illustrations to do for Worlds of Cthulhu #3. Still getting details on what and how many. Between that and the Strange Eggs work I’m having to push all my other projects back a bit. Those two have more specific deadlines than anything else I’m doing. As we move in to summer and closer to the time Nizzibet and I move I see myself getting busier and busier.

Saturday I spent sometime helping the Bombshell move some furniture. She found a buyer for her condo and now she’s moving her stuff to storage spaces until she moves in with her sister in Portland. Then Nizzibet and I went to the Soon-To-Be-Canadians for a while, drank wine and listened to the conversations swirling around us.

We finished the night at home watching Merchant of Venice and the first episode of Space 1999. I’ve no love of Shakespeare and this sumptuous production of Merchant didn’t change that. Too serious for some of the silliness that occurs.

Space 1999? Hmm. Between the first episode and the two (A Matter of Life and Death and Black Sun) we saw on Sunday night I’m afraid that the show benefitted from It’s-the-only-science-fiction-on status when I was a kid. I last saw these episodes when I was eleven in 1975. Star Wars was still two years away. The original Star Trek was in reruns. Space 1999 had much better special effects. But … The characters spend a lot of time looking serious and discussing the ramifications of pseudoscientific nonsense. I’m pretty sure I thought their science was crap when I was eleven. On an episode by episode basis anyway. For some reason I was never bothered by the moon’s ability to find a new solar system every week. I thought that traveling among the stars on a rogue moon was a great idea.