Another Reason I’m Glad I don’t Usually Remember My Dreams

The dream I woke from this morning involved getting these huge manila envelopes filled with something hard and mysterious. I was excited until I realized that the envelopes were filled with 3 1/2 computer disks. Lovesettlement was sending me the disks I’d been storing at my mom’s house.

I’m sure there are no disks at my mom’s house. Lots of other things. No disks. I’ve got one ancient Mac that might run them otherwise I’ve long since transferred everything important onto other media.

This is what I get from sleeping on Nizzibet’s side of the bed. She was feeling sick last night and needed to be able to get up quickly so she wanted to sleep on my side, the outside side. Whenever this happens I end up sleeping lightly and remembering my dreams. The last time I dreamed that a giant grizzly was trying to eat me.

One thought on “Another Reason I’m Glad I don’t Usually Remember My Dreams

  1. So far I’ve found one 3 1/2 inch disk. I think it’s mine. It’s unlabeled. It probably has nothing on it. We almost never use our PC anymore. But it still works, doesn’t it? Yeah. I think it does.

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