Zorro’s Black Whip

One of our recent discard purchases from Rain City Video is Zorro’s Black Whip. It’s a 12 part serial from 1944. We’re going to watch a chapter or two every few nights until we get to the thrilling conclusion! So far Zorro has survived a sex change, many gunfights and at the end of the second chapter she was trapped in a bank vault explosion! The serial is set in Idaho in 1888 (I think), just prior to statehood. The bad guys are robbing and pillaging the poor settlers and getting away with it because there’s no law to arrest them. Justice takes the form of Zorro! More specifically, The Black Whip. No body calls him/her Zorro. Everyone refers to him/her as the Black Whip. Zorro in Idaho sounds silly anyway. The first Whip gets himself shot and killed so his sister takes over the role. The movie was made in 1944 so Lady Whip can’t go around getting in fist fights (and a serial without fist fights is like Seattle without rain) so there’s an undercover fed in town trying to discover the leader of the bad guys. The two fights he’s been in thus far completely destroyed the rooms they happened in. As per serial rules of clothing physics, neither he nor his adversaries ever lose their hats no matter how much furniture got broken on their heads.

This serial gets us prepped for the upcoming Legend of Zorro, sequel to Mask of Zorro. Mask is one of Nizzibet’s favorite movies. Nizzibet is sort of a Zorro fan. As much as she’s a fan of anything. Zorro was one of the inspirations behind Billi 99. Coincidentally I discovered yesterday, in an interview at Salon, that Isabel Allende has written a Zorro novel. Sounded like fun so I ordered a copy for the Nizz. Shh! Don’t tell her.

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