Recent Media Consumed, Entrails Reviewed

Revenge of the Sith – mostly I breathe a sigh of relief that the Star Wars saga is done. Marvel Comics and giant monster movies provided most of my personal mythology as a kid. Star Wars came too late (I was twelve or thirteen) to worm its way in too deeply. This movie was mercifully lacking comic relief. R2D2 gave us most of it. R2 rocks. C3PO wasn’t actually annoying. I hated him every time I saw him but that’s because, after five movies worth of his whining and fussing, I’m predisposed to hating him.

Anyway. Done. The saga of a talented but self-centered and selfish young man who becomes a mass murderer and the prime tool of genocidal fascist (and yet is redeemed by one rebellious (and self-centered) act) has come to end.

In chapter three of Zorro’s Black Whip, the Whip gets into a fight with a couple of the bad guys. She doesn’t punch either of them but she does slam them around a bit. I’m impressed. The Black Whip rocks.

I’ve begun reading Wicked by Gregory Maguire. It’s neither a sequel (prequel, whatever) to the Movie or Baum’s Oz novels. It’s “inspired” by both. The green Wicked Witch comes from the Movie. Maguire has obviously read at least some of Baum’s books but he doesn’t try to rationalize Baum’s Oz. He’s created his own Oz inspired by Baum’s map. This book is more Barnstormer than it is Emerald Burrito. I am enjoying it as itself. I probably would have hated it as a kid. I’m not too far into it but, as a little green baby with big vicious teeth, Elphaba rocks.

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  1. We saw SWIII today. I totally laughed where Sam Jackson gets zapped. Totally, totally laughed. I laugh every time I think of it. And you say there was no comic relief.

  2. Well, not much intentional comic relief. Plenty of “serious” stuff was funny.

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