Happy Birthday To Me!

I probably wouldn’t have remembered that today was my birthday if, last week, one of the techs hadn’t pointed out that the staff meeting fell on this day. I always remember when staff meetings are. I have to buy donuts and cut veggies. The last few years I’ve tended to not notice that the 23rd has any significance until well into the day.

The illustration work continues. Slower than I’d like but it goes. I’m almost finished with the pre-photoshopping for the first page of the Strange Eggs story. I’ve got some of the Worlds of Cthulhu illustrations down to final pencils. Much to do yet.

6 thoughts on “Happy Birthday To Me!

  1. Well Happy Birthday to you… have more than donuts and veggies, okay?

  2. I’ll celebrate this evening by drawing a lot. Such a wild life I live.

  3. I consider it my solemn duty to remind other people how much older they are than myself. Currently, you are…

    – 12 years, 131 days older then me.
    – 44% older.
    – Three additional Presidents older (Nixon, Johnson, Kennedy)

    The Tech

  4. Wow… you are very much, the Par-Tee Aminal.

    I hope the drawing went well. 😀

  5. no, no, anon, Kennedy dead in Nov 63, 6 months before D born … unless you’re counting time in utero, in which case you right you right … what prez was in when you a zygote?

  6. I knew I was gonna get that wrong. Skook must be a year younger than I thought.

    Damn Kennedys…

    The Tech

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