Time and the Lack Thereof

There was an episode of the original Star Trek where the Enterprise landed on a world of superspeeded up people, people who lived their lives so fast that they couldn’t be seen by normal human senses. As a kid I thought that was pretty cool. There were plenty of times when I would have loved to be able to speed myself up so I could … well, as I kid I’m pretty sure I wasn’t thinking of getting more things done. I’m pretty sure I was thinking of using such a power for mischief if not downright Evil. I was a good kid who regularly contempted the violent death of most of the human race.

Now that I’m grown up and mature and all I’d just like some more time to get things done that I actually care about. Yeah, I know. Fuss. Whine.

Yesterday I got a couple of packages from Luvset that probably had my minicomics in them. I set the packages aside because I didn’t want to get sidetracked into going down memory lane. So much to do. Dishes. Making dinner. Finished the inking for the second page of the Strange Eggs story. Finished entirely the first page. Many illustrations to complete for Worlds of Cthulhu. Got a few more pages of script for Oz Squad. I’ll have to look through my back issues (and I’m missing #10 so I can’t be sure) but I think I get to be the first artist to draw Dorothy and Ozma kissing. Yay me!

One thought on “Time and the Lack Thereof

  1. Memory Lane?

    Memory Superhighway. The little cottage perched on the embankment, the constant growl of traffic beneath, breathing the fumes of every engine, glaring white & seething red lights at night trailing away over the hills.

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