Godzilla Swims Off Into The Sunset

The credits ran. Derek asked, “So which was better, this or Return of the Sith?”

To which I replied, “This, definitely.”

Nizzibet enjoyed herself. That was good. She’s often espressed a bafflement to the appeal of Godzilla. Godzilla: Final War did something that most Godzilla movies don’t. It never stopped moving. Scenes of people standing around talking, going over the latest pseudoscience, were short. Lots of action sequences. Lots of monsters.

Complaints? Too much Gigan. Godzilla’s head redesign gives him fragile looking duck jaws. Beyond that, why complain? It was a Big Loud Crazy Stupid Godzilla movie. Much as I love Godzilla most Godzilla movies are Stupid. Not all of them are Big and Crazy.

Shusuke Kaneko’s Gamera Trilogy looked at kaiju through a serious, epic lense. Godzilla: Final Wars gets drunk and parties. If this really is the last Godzilla movie for a decade it’s a good note to end on.

4 thoughts on “Godzilla Swims Off Into The Sunset

  1. And the monsters clawed down a bunch of buildings, right?

    Give me buildings falling down and plenty of ’em.

  2. Between the monsters and the Xillians (the alien invaders), human civilization was detroyed. Really. That’s what they said. Not just Japan. All human civilization. Not that we actually saw any human corpses. That would be icky.

  3. So essentially, the entire human race winds up as collateral damage in a war between giant radioactive monsters? I’ve been dreaming this movie since I was three!

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