Posting Now Because I Probably Won’t Get To It Later

Not that I’ve got anything to say at the moment. It’s before dawn right now. I’m up early to work on art. I went to bed early last night. Tired. Spent a good chunk of time reading The Tombs of Atuan to Nizzibet. The more we read of the novel the less resemblence there is to the TV miniseries. Once again I find myself wondering why anyone decides to adapt a novel (or comic or cereal box) if they’re going to ignore the basic story that they’re adapting. I don’t mind changes if they make sense. But the changes made in the miniseries, for the most part, don’t make sense. Combining Wizard and Tombs makes a certain amount of sense in a mercenary way. You get both male and female protagonists that way. High adventure and more domestic drama. But adding a power hungry Kargish warlord and a prophesy? So generic and lazy. It’s one of the things I like about the Earthsea novels – no dark lords and no saviors foretold of in prophesy. Especially no saviors foretold of in prophesy. Bleah. Prophesies are generally badly used in fiction. If your hero is destined to be the Hero then usually the only conflict for him/her is whether he/she will accept his destiny or not. And so we, the audience get to suffer through a bunch of whiny heroes who don’t want to be Heroes. Feh. Shut up. You’re destined to be the Hero. Go kick some ass and quit whining about it. Leave the whining to the rest of us who don’t know what the purpose of our life is.