Squeekula, Prince of Squeekiness

Nizzibet and I watched the 1979 Dracula last weekend. I liked it better than any other version of the story I’ve seen. Frank Langella manages to be creepy, attractive and threatening. The story moves at a good clip. I just wonder … was there ever a time that Dracula turning into a bat was scary? As a kid I think I thought the bat transform ability was neat. Who wouldn’t like to fly. I’m pretty sure that I didn’t think it was scary. It’s definitely not scary to me as an adult. Turning from a brooding powerful man into a squeaking, flapping furball? A flock (swarm?) of bats could be scary. One little squeakerdoodle is not.

I’ve noticed that the bat transformation part of the vampire myth hasn’t been a part of any bloodsucker movie made in the last 20 years.

2 thoughts on “Squeekula, Prince of Squeekiness

  1. I seem to recall the Mina Harker character in the LoEG movie transforming into a flock/swarm of bats in the manner you suggest. I’d have to watch it again to check though, and quite frankly I’d rather gouge out my eyes with an ice pick and then repeatedly stab myself in the brain through the bloody sockets.

  2. Mina turned into a swarm in LoEG. (The movie is awful but I like Mina. Mainly because I think Peta Wilson is a babe.) I will undoubtedly watch it again sometime since the wife liked the movie. Sigh. She puts up with my bad taste so I must return the favor.

    In (Not Really) Bram Stoker’s Dracula Gary Oldman turns into a giant humanoid bat.

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