Professor H.M. Wogglebug T.E.

I’ve added the Wogglebug to the Who’s Who page. The Professor is my greatest intentional departure from Neil’s illustrations. I say Neil’s illustrations because I haven’t seen him depicted by many other artists and, when I have, the illustrations have had Neil’s model as their base.

I don’t consciously use Neil’s illustrations as models but his version of the Oz characters are usually the first images that come to mind when I think of them. Oz Squad is set in our 21st century (more or less) so most of the characters have had decades of change happen to them since the Baum books. I try to reflect that when I do their portraits. For some the changes have been major. Dorothy has grown up. Nick and the Scarecrow have had numerous changes and repairs to their bodies. Cap’n Bill has a new leg. For others – the Woozy, the Lion, the Tiger – there’s been little apparent physical change. I just draw them as they are described and that more or less goes along with what Neil drew. (How many ways can you draw a Woozy?).

The Professor got reinvented for a couple of reasons. I wanted him to look more like a magnified bug and I never liked Neil’s version. He’s creepy. Reminds me too much of a scary clown.

3 thoughts on “Professor H.M. Wogglebug T.E.

  1. For Wild Nights, if the bug was to appear, I would probably stick closer to Neil’s illustration. Unless you described something different.

  2. Pretty cool. Like I said before… looking forward to seeing more. I would love to see your Baron Munchasen. I hope you can post him sometime soon. 🙂

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