Every Friday She Rips Her Guts Out

Once a week Nizzibet goes to a coffee shop (Mr. Spot’s) and spends a few hours writing. Digging up her childhood. At about four o’clock a good friend of ours comes by to read and critique what she’s written. Then we usually go get something to eat or I get dropped off at home to cook while they find some DVD or video to rent from Rain City Video. We do something fun and basically mindless.

Nizz and I don’t talk much about what she writes. I want to read the book when she’s done. Reading it in pieces means she’ll want me to comment in pieces and I figure having one friend-editor is enough. And I’ve heard enough of the stories to know that it’s not a story for me to read casually. Tuppenceworth has published an excerpt. It’s not something you’d want to read first thing in the morning. Or just before going to bed.