3 thoughts on “Car Trouble

  1. Oy.. sorry about the car trouble man. I had a bout of that on the 4th. Car just wouldn’t start. No turning over, nothing. It was dead. And it was just a few hours aftrer I had to move it for my roommate, so talk about timing. In the end it was the battery, but it really sucked durring that waiting period.

  2. It would be nice if it were simply battery trouble. The biggest annoyance is that it’s down in Olympia. That’s about an hour and half drive from Seattle. Even if the problem is simple going to get the car again is going to be an adventure.

  3. Ouch. At least mine died at home. I was able to get AAA to towe it over to the shop (at the time I thought it was the distributor) so that was pretty easy. Dang… I hope the “Quest for Wheels” goes smoothly.

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