No, I Haven’t Really Been Busy

I’ve sort of been busy and sort of not. We spent the Fourth of July Weekend house-sitting for Jeff and Teresa. Mostly we were providing company for the dogs. I’m not a dog person. Nizzibet is a dog person. I don’t understand dogs. The dogs were delighted to have our company. They followed us all over the house. They slept when we slept. If we spent enough time sitting still they slept at our feet.


The cat showed up when the cat felt like it. He slept on the bed after we’d crashed out. He only did that on Saturday and Sunday nights. By Monday we’d gotten so twitchy that he slept downstairs.

I have to give Cricket and Trixie credit, they dealt with the fireworks quite well. Yes, they barked when there were a lot of booms close to the house, but mostly they ignored the noises. After all the stories I’ve heard of freaked-out dogs on the 4th I was pleased to meet a couple of exceptions.

One thought on “No, I Haven’t Really Been Busy

  1. Flash seems to have lost enough of her hearing that big booms no longer bother her. I guess she doesn’t hear fireworks or thunder anymore. She can still hear us when we call her, tho maybe we have to call louder than we used to.

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