Crippled. Woe is Me!

My knee hasn’t been the same since LittleM used me as a jungle gym a while back. Mostly it felt stiff and sore after I’d spend a day sitting around at work. The stiffness and soreness would work itself out once I’d gotten up and moved around for a while. Lately though, the knee has felt aggrieved and stayed feeling that way even after exercise.

Fah. Stupid knee. Doesn’t it know I can have it replaced with a shiny new tin one?

4 thoughts on “Crippled. Woe is Me!

  1. It doesn’t rust? You mean Oz books aren’t a good source of scientific knowledge?

  2. Heck I learned about the Bay of Pigs from a JLA comic, so it might be possible for Oz to be scientifically correct.

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