Fifty Day Countdown

As far as we can remember our lease runs out at the end of August. Given that this is more house than we need (and want to spend time taking care of) we’re moving to an apartment rather than renew. So I’ve been trying to pack up our books and get rid of the stuff we don’t really need. With the deadline looming I want to speed up my packing.

This weekend was frustrating. My leg hurts the least if I keep it elevated. In that position it’s difficult to draw. And I certainly can’t pack books and then carry the box upstairs.

Today we should get some word on the car. Hopefully the problem is less expensive to fix than it would be to buy a new (used) car. Fingers crossed.

And monsters? More posted to my gallery at Kaijuphile. I’m trying to improve my color skills. Work continues slowly on my other projects. The monster drawings are done in my sketchbooks when I have short moments of deadtime away from home. I wish I could fit my other projects into that deadtime but they seem to require more concentration than I’ve got available when on I’m on the go.