Twenty-Nine Days To Go

We’ve got an apartment reserved. Twice.

First Nizzibet found a one bedroom that she liked and put a down payment on it. The building manager mentioned that there was a two bedroom available if she was interested. She passed.

She and I discussed it this morning and decided to at least look at the place.

She liked the two bedroom place much more. Aside from having another room it also has a balcony and it’s on a side of the building away from the street so it’s quieter. Slightly more expensive for a much nicer arrangement. Unfortunately it needs to have some repair done on it so it won’t be available for move in until next week. So this week we’ll be concentrating on doing more packing, giving things away and trashing the rest.

2 thoughts on “Twenty-Nine Days To Go

  1. Congrats on a successful apt hunt.

    I don’t really have any boxes of books ready to ship right now anyway … but if I happen to get up the energy to box I’ll hold off shipping till I get your new addy.


  2. Heh. Sounds good to me.

    We sign the paperwork on Monday and can start moving in on Wednesday.

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