Comics for Sale

So I’ve got a Webcomics Nation account right? Not ’cause I had big plans. I’m too tired these days to have big plans. (Okay, not true. I’ve often had big plans while being way too tired and busy.) I’m already committed to Finnegan and Oz Squad and anything new would just cut in to the little time I’ve currently got. But the Nation opened its borders and there was money in my Paypal account and their offer was a discount for life so I became a citizen.

The Nation is a capitalist one. It’s set up to help its citizens live their capitalist dreams. And I’ve got a few copies of comics I created filling up boxes that I’ll just keep moving around with me if I don’t sell them. So I’m putting copies of Misspent Youths and GLYPH and Last Dangerous Christmas up for sale at the Small Press Swapmeet.