The Women Are Happy

Nizzibet loves the new place. I’m sure she’ll love it more when everything is unpacked and organized but even in its current state of chaos she finds the apartment cozy and restful.

Paliki, almost surprisingly, also seems to enjoy herself. She’s spent the last 12 years as an indoor/outdoor cat. The last few months at the old house she was much more outdoor than indoor. She’d show up in the morning, eat, go out and then find a place to sleep until dinnertime, come in, eat and then she’d go out until morning. We didn’t put her out, she went, she ran. We’d usually have to call her to come in. She’d often stalk back and forth in front of the open front door, meowing, not going away and not coming in. She didn’t seem to want to interact with us much. We were worried that she’d freak out being trapped in this relatively small space with us.

Maybe it’s a matter of finally finding a space that fit the cat. There’s no competition with other cats here. She’s past her hunting and climbing days. She mostly slept when she was outside. There are lots of nooks and crannies to hide in here. And she gets petted. She loves to be petted. She’s always loved to be petted. I guess she’d forgotten how much she loved it in the last few months.