Random Mumbles

– I seem to be losing weight. Or at least getting thinner. I’m tucking in my shirts and tightening my belt because my pants have been looser lately. I haven’t had a plan for this. I suppose I’ve gotten a bit more exercise what with all the lifting and shifting involved in moving. And I think I’m eating less now than I was at this time last year. But it’s just something that’s happened rather than something I set out to do.

– I’m recovering from a cold. Happens the same way every time. First I get a scratchy throat. That lasts a day or two. Then my nose gets very productive in the snot department. That’s another two or four days. Then I feel mostly okay but I keep coughing for the next week or two. I’m in the coughing phase now.

– I’ve been reading H.G. Wells lately. I’ve got a collection of his science fiction novels and I’m going through the ones I haven’t read before. So far that’s The Invisible Man, First Men in the Moon and Food of the Gods. I’m surprised by Wells’ sense of humor, especially in the latter two books. The Invisible Man is a little dull – perhaps because I knew how the story would turn out and perhaps because not much happens. Griffin, the inventor of the invisibility process, is a pathetic sort of maniac. Being invisible requires being naked and being naked in the English weather is really uncomfortable. He spends a good amount of his time trying not catch cold. Moon and Food are more fun, partly because I was less familiar with them and partly because a lot more happens. Food especially was a surprise since there haven’t been any (anywhere near faithful) movie adaptations of it. In The Days of the Comet is next.

– My work is moving. Bleah. Moving myself is annoying enough. Moving the place I work … very low on my list of enjoyable activities. The good thing is that once we’ve moved we probably won’t do it again before I’ve moved on to another job.