Still not connect to the ‘net at home. We have a different ISP for the apartment than we had for the house and I haven’t figured out how to get our router to work with it. Once I get that taken care of posts here will become more frequent. Notice that I’m not saying that posts will actually become frequent.

This morning I unpacked my WACOM tablet and hooked it up to my computer. I’d found and inked a kaiju drawing yesterday morning so today I decided to color it. I made a little progress. Once it’s done I’ll post it to my Kaijuphile gallery.

Attacked another few boxes before I went to work on the illustration. One was filled with books. I found a shelf that had room for them. One was filled with files from my filing cabinet back in Sebastopol – letters from friends. Another was filled with stories and artwork that I did when I was a kid. I set both of those boxes aside for sorting later. I’d like to have gone through all the boxes by the end of this month. There’s probably quite a bit of stuff from 8046 Earl that should have been given or thrown away. There is also a lot of stuff from Sebastopol that needs to be organized so we can live with it here.

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