Godzilla vs. the Devil

Part of the fun of doing art for the Kaijuphile site is –

A. I get to draw monsters

B. The illustrations get posted

C. I can experiment and play around and they’ll still get posted.

I don’t know how many of my kaiju illustrations would have been accepted at Epilogue.net because (with one exception that did get rejected) I haven’t submitted them. Since I’m drawing for the fun of it and since neither site pays I give my personal amusement illustrations to Kaijuphile. Epilogue gets illustrations that have been commissioned and have seen (or are expected to see) print. And so far as I can remember all my commissioned illustrations have been accepted at Epilogue. Does this mean that the illustrations’ print world acceptance gives them weight in Epilogue’s judging process? I suspect that this is the case but this is only a suspicion.

And so what? Part of Epilogue’s goal is providing a forum for illustrators build their careers. Hopefully it’s doing that for some people. I’ve certainly seen work there that I’d like to see in print or on my wall.

Anyway … there are four new illustrations up at my Kaijuphile gallery. They’re inspired by the proposed but never produced Godzilla vs. the Devil. Go. Laugh at Satan.