Yay! Tragedy!

LuvSet mentioned it yesterday and since he doesn’t have comments enabled my response shows up here. Brokeback Mountain. Romantic tragedy. Star crossed lovers who can’t stay away from each other but can never be together. Oh the torment. Oh the sadness. Oh, bleah.

I expect that the movie will be well made and beautifully photographed. I’ve seen most of Ang Lee’s other films. And liked them. Even the Hulk Poodles. Even though they’re all at least a little tragic. I may even get around to seeing it eventually on DVD. Cause Heath Ledger is kinda cute. And the movie will be well made and beautifully photographed. But personally? Big Gay Romantic Tragedy? Sigh. Give me Big Gay Monster movie. Big Gay Action comedy. Big Gay scifi flick. That might get me into the theatre on opening weekend.

5 thoughts on “Yay! Tragedy!

  1. Gayzilla?

    Attack Of The 50-ft. Drag Queen?

    Fatal Attraction?

    Or how about the new horror-documentary, “J. Edgar Hoover: A Life in Taffeta”

    Eric in Lynnwood

  2. Dude, I am so there.

    Except for that Fatal Attraction flick.

    On the plus side – Sharon Stone. I adore Sharon Stone. I’m entirely too mesmerized by her cool blondeness to notice her general lack of acting skills.

    There’s just that big negative side – Michael Douglas. If Stone had killed him at the end of the movie I’d have been happy.

  3. I expect a gay love story could do with a radioactive swamp monster and some samurai battling atop swaying bamboo. But what couldn’t?

  4. Correction. It’s Basic Instinct that has Sharon Stone. Fatal Attraction has Glenn Close. That’s the bad-things-happen-to-cheating-husbands-but-even-worse-things-happen-to-the-women-who-lead-them-astray movie. Both movies suffer from the presence of Michael Douglas and the absence of his horrible death.

    This has been your early morning nitpick.

  5. What was the name of the parody of ‘Fatal Attraction’ and ‘Basic Instinct’? Fatal Instinct? I understand it featured Not-Michael Douglas.

    Anyway, I agree it’s time to let all the gay monsters out of the closet. I mean, really – Mothra? Have you heard his lisp? And Gamera – he’s such a label queen. Guys, there’s no need to hide anymore, it’s the Noughts!

    Eric in Lynnwood

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